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About Us

We are just like you...You want it all.

And we also know shoes are the foundation for that possibility: they move us through triumphant days, serendipitous afternoons, and unforgettable nights.

For a long time we found ourselves desperately searching for shoes that made us feel capable and look fabulous, yet were of quality materials and construction that could keep up with us without falling apart-- (we keep it together; why can't our shoes?)...

During our search, we teamed up with a shoe artisan/designer and began creating beautiful, high quality, handmade shoes, to develop our first line of Siga shoes, always thinking first and foremost about how they would impact the lives of the women that would wear them. Me. You. Our friends.

And we promise you: our shoes will have style and personality, be ultra comfortable, and always be of the highest quality, 100% leather, artisanal construction- without exception.

We will have it all!  

We are Siga shoes founded by young entrepreneurial women, from a small island in the Caribbean in search for the perfect shoe.